Allow the text displayed on an Upload Widget to be set.
Frontend (App Interfaces)
Platform Server Release Oct.2019 CP1

It would be helpful if you could set the text displayed in an upload widget, for example you could display the filename of a file after it has been uploaded.  Currently it reverts to 'No file selected' immediately after upload and so it looks like nothing has been uploaded.

YEEEESSSSSS this has annoyed me soooooooo many times.


Yes!  Tbh I'm surprised this doesn't already exist.

2018-10-29 13-00-29
Magda Pereira
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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

Hi Sienna,

That's a great idea. We're working on the next generation of web applications, where you can not only change the label, but also add other content, e.g. an icon. We'll have more news about this soon.

Tiago Simões

That's great news, thanks! :)

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on 02 Oct 2018

Hi Sienna,

Thanks for your idea. We've recently released reactive web applications, a whole new way to create better web apps. You can read more about them in this forum post.

Tiago Simões

Fantastic, so glad you were able to implement my idea, thank you!!