Automating IIS installation/selected services/roles with Powershell in Install Checklist 11.0
Install Processes
Platform Server Release Apr.2019

You can automate the IIS  installation/selected services/roles  using  powershell Commandlet calls.

File: 11.0 Install Checklist

Section: Pre-installation check list

Topics: Internet Information Services

Changed the category to
Install Processes
and the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q2 2019

Hi Juan,

Thank you for reaching us with your ideas.

This is definitely something that we had on our plans. We understood that not only some customers spend quite some time setting the machines with those pre-requisites, but also that is could be an error-prone task that can lead to problems later in the installation stage.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we will Automate platform prerequisites installation and tuning. We expect that this capability reaches General Availability in the April release. 

Thank you and keep those ideas coming.

Thanks! Tiago.

Changed the status to
on 06 May 2019

Just to let you know that as mentioned this capability was provided on Platform Server April Release. You can also find some Powershell scripts that help on the platform setup in OutSystems GitHub repository. 

Sorry for the delay in the notification.