Configurable Service Action Timeout
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When calling a service action, the platform seem to internally set a fixed 100 seconds timeout on the request, so if the action takes longer then that, a "time out" exception is raised on the "Client side" but the action will keep running on the "server side".

I'm not sure if i'm missing a setting here, but in case i'm not, my suggestion would be to either raise the 100 seconds timeout or make it configurable when calling service actions.

More than 100 seconds would practically be too long for the user to wait for a response.

I'm consuming my service action asynchronously in a timer, so there is no user waiting.

I want to take advantage of the week dependency of a Service Action, but because of the fixed time out, i'm obligated to expose a regular REST and consume it on the other eSpace, that been the only way that i can properly set a time out.

I think that you gotta be very optimistic to believe that ALL Service Actions ever implemented will always last less then 100 seconds.

Also, the exception is only hapening at the consuming side. So the action will be executed until the end but the consumer will be unaware of that. ( the old Atomicity property ).

Correct, in this case it makes sense.

Service Actions can have an optional property which could be set for this reason.

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Hi Matheus,

Thanks for the feedback.

You are correct the timeout is currently hardcoded at 100 seconds, which we were expecting that was more than enough in the most common cases, ideally you don't want to have a service hanged for a long period of time.

Nevertheless we do understand that allowing this timeout to be configured would provide extra flexibility to our customers particular use cases.

We will be looking into adding this setting.


One of our applications just got bitten by this same use case - timer consuming service action.

We can adjust the timer logic of course, but it would be really useful to have a configurable timeout.

Editable "timeout" is a plus (as applicable for server actions or queries). For those use cases where you won't be able to stick to a "process in small chunks" aproach or your chunks (sometimes) take a bit longer than 100 seconds, it's a waste not being able to use Service Actions.

Hi, is there any information about when the timeout setting can be configured for service actions?