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I'm not sure how much of an "idea" this is, per se, but I was noticing something today when attempting to search on the forums.  I have always struggled finding what I want using the forum just never gives me the results that I need.  I know that other people have had the same problems as me, but I CANNOT find them.

I find myself often instead using google and searching "Outsystems {my search term}", and having better luck than just using {my search term} in the Outsystems forums.  I know there are others that are having the same problem as me.

But today I discovered something interesting.  I was attempting to search about the deprecated_notifygetmessage function, and how to find an alternative as it relates to popups (it appears there is no alternative yet, in case you're wondering).  This is my experience:

So, that simple search term returned almost 17k posts, the first few pages of which had no relevance whatsoever.  I'm not sure where these search results even come from.  After looking through several pages, I finally got frustrated, and thought "I'm just going to make a new post.  Maybe nobody has asked this yet."

So, I created a new post:

After clicking on "New Post", I typed Deprecated_NotifyGetMessage in the "title" input, and, lo and behold, look what I found:

Nearly every one of the results in the "Does this answer your question" were relevant, and there were a few that did indeed answer my question!

So, now to the idea.  Please make the forum search return relevant results.  The logic is already there it appears (at least in some cases) to give people what they are asking for.  Use the search logic for "Does this answer your question" in the forum search.  Is this simplistic?  Maybe, but good forum searching is often the crux of getting what you need quickly, and quite frankly, very well may alleviate the burden that's been placed on Outsystems Support.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi Mike, 

Thank you fro bringing this into our attention. We understand the problem and will be working to improve the search.



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Hi Mike, 

We managed to improve the search in forums and now the search is returning best matches for your search.

Thank you for sharing this input



You all are amazing!  I can't wait for it to go into production so the forums become more useful!

Mike, this is in production since last Friday!



Thank you Daniela!  But I'm a bit confused.  I try this same example that I included in the original post, and this time my results are indeed different, but still not relevant.  For example, this is the new result in the forums:

Yet this is the result of the "Does this answer...":

Clicking on the top result of the forum search "Azure Authentication Provider" doesn't have any instances of the search term in the entire post:

So, I'm not sure if it's quite the same?

Thank you again for your attention on this!

Hi Mike, 

you need to press enter after performing your search.

I am seeing the correct results now.  See below:

If this persists let me know

Thank you