Test an Action like "Test query"

By Nuno Baptista on 10 May 2010
Enable to Test an Action giving new input parameters.
J.10 May 2010

So, actually you mean a Unit test?
Nuno Baptista11 May 2010
Be able to configure input parameters and execute an action. Then view all output variables.
Hugo Matthioli14 May 2010
I've been wanting this for a long time. Initially I thought of it as an "automatic" web screen that would be created to test, but I find your idea even more productive.
Miguel Ribeiro11 Aug 2010
@Joost Landgraf

Yes! Something like unit test would be AWESOME! Would save loads of time!
Pedro Coelho17 Oct 2011
This is the most liked idea since it was created over 1year and half ago...Any ideas if this will ever get done?
Richard D22 Sep 2012
I personally will not implement a large solution in the Agile Platform until there is a feature like this.  Web UI testing solutions are NOT a substitute for unit testing.

Anyone know if this item is at the top of Outsystems backlog?

Kilian Hekhuis8 Oct 2012
Yeah, OS staff, please comment on this feature! :)
Kilian Hekhuis8 Jan 2013
I'll keep bugging: OS staff, you really ought to comment on this one, when will it see the light of day?
Miguel Vieira5 Mar 2013
Great idea, would save alot of time for sure!
Miguel Vieira18 Apr 2013
Sorry for double posting but this idea just hit the 300 MARK!
Kilian Hekhuis19 Apr 2013
As for OS staff commenting on this feature, see here: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/9112/wisdom-of-the-crowds-warning-bit-of-a-rant/

(Why they couldn't have done it here is beyond me, but anyway...)
It would be very helpful and timesaving if a test option for actions and webservices would be integrated in Service Studio. Instead of creating test screens, setup test data and publish espace to create your own test set.

This test action should include:
  • possibility to set input parameters
  • debug mode

Merged from 'Actions and Webservices test functionality' (idea created on 2012-04-26 09:15:53 by Rene Sundermeijer), on 2014-01-24 12:51:46 by Gonçalo Borrêga
Joop Stringer5 May 2012
I like this ... now I use soapUI to test webservices ... but the way soapUI handles webservices is different then how OutSystems handles them

Merged from 'Actions and Webservices test functionality' (idea created on 2012-04-26 09:15:53 by Rene Sundermeijer), on 2014-01-24 12:51:46 by Gonçalo Borrêga
Joshua Austin12 Feb 2014
This would be fantastic!!!  I'm disappointed something like this wasn't already implemented.
Pedro Coelho4 Mar 2015
Most liked idea ever, and still nothing?

Almost 5 years from original post...

It would also be nice for Automated Testing porposes  if we could test a "generic action" by their name/parameters. 

Dunno if its hard to implement.
João Melo14 Jul 2015
5 years without an official feedback from OutSystems. Bad... :/
Kilian Hekhuis20 Jul 2015
Well, not exactly "without feedback", just not in this thread (see my > 2yo comment above). See here.
Alexei5 Dec 2016

I'm curious  what is the status of this? did everybody lose hope and stopped asking when this idea would crystallize or it is in the making?

Kilian Hekhuis6 Dec 2016

@Alexei: the problem is that it's both technically and functionally difficult to implement. See the link I posted above for background info.

Jovvy29 Jan

Please implement this.

Developing an application in Outsystems will be more fun. :D

Great idea, would save a lot of time.

Johan den Ouden16 Oct (yesterday)

This would really speed up development. You do not have to create a from with a button to test it anymore. Just enter the input variables and test it.