Outsystems Support Self-service...

The support organisation does a great job helping us solve our problems whilst using the platform.  However, I think a relatively modest addition to the AgileNetwork would really help us manage our issues better and take some unnecessary workload off the support team.  This is especally true when we need to handover issues from one person to another (for holiday say) as currently personal emails need to be collated and forwarded or replies wait until return.

Starter Idea:
Agile Network users can register as part of the support team for an organisation (or crucially several organisations to allow for partner or 3rd party support). The usual authentication of needing to be approved by someone in that organisation would apply.

They then get a new tab 'support' on the AgileNetwork - where they can raise issues, list outstanding issues, add comments to issues , close issues, re-prioritise issues.

Whenever issues are updated by either support or us then emails can be generated (like subscribers to forum issues).

From these, common themes can be identified and (sanitised if required) public solutions published to the benefit of the whole community.


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