Improving the CSS Editor
Frontend (App Interfaces)
OutSystems 8.0
It would be nice if it had a CSS editor as well or better than dreamweaver. Many toolstoday already have this integrated solution.
In version 8, the CSS editor has been improved with autocomplete. Furhter than that as soon as you change it, you get immediate preview in the UI editor, getting immediate feedback of how the application will look like. This hugely reduced the time spent between making changes to CSS, running the application in the browser, tweaking (using tools such as Firebug) and then coming back to Service Stdio again to apply those changes.

Also, the most common properties that we found out were being used in CSS (for margins, and spacing) are supported internally in the editor with the new grid layouts capability, and some of the properties in the widgets/containers themselves, reducing the need to even have to touch the CSS.