Skip the Show Data Type modal and go straight to the Data Type Selection modal
Service Studio
Development Environment 11.53.7 (Build 60881)

I always wonder why we get a unneeded modal when we want to change the data type of variable. I use this method when I either want to change to a list or need to select a Data Type via search (because the dropdown is awful when you have a large number of Data Types with similar names). 

The window in question: 

You get here when you select a variable, double click on the "Data Type" field. This window doesn't add anything to my experience. It doesn't tell me something new, it doesn't help me going forward. The window that I do need is opened after I click on the Data Type Name in this modal. 

We then get this modal:

In this window I can do some useful stuff. I can search in my data types (some names are very much alike) and select a new one. Exactly what I wanted to achieve.

So in short. Skip Window 1, Instead open Window 2 when I double click on the Data Type field.

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on 14 Jul 2022

Marking the idea as implemented as we no longer have this dialog in Service Studio. Data Types are now selected directly in the properties pane drop-down.