Bind input widget to button to activate action when pressing enter
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Right now only one button can be set to default, meaning it will be activated when pressing 'enter'. I've encountered to have multiple buttons on the same screen for which I would like to see this kind of behaviour.

Examples when I encountered this is when having buttons inside of IF widgets, or when having a button inside a modal. 

It would be nice if we could bind a button to an input widget (maybe this could be applied for other widgets as well). This would result in the button's action to be activated when the focus is on the input widget and 'enter' is pressed.

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Hi Sam,

That's a great idea. 

In fact we're working on the next generation of web applications. In those you'll be able to have a different default button for each form you have on the screen. So if, for instance, you have a global search and a form, or a login form and a register form, in the same screen, the button that will be pressed when you click enter on a text input will be different. Expect more news about this soon.

As a workaround, for now, I think you can use different web blocks and each one of those can have a default button.

Thanks for your idea,
Tiago Simões

2019-04-07 18-26-39
Vitor Teixeira
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on 02 Oct 2019

Hi Sam,

We are happy to announce that your idea has been implemented and made available with version 11.6.1 (Build 3701) of Service Studio.

Below you will find a short description of Default Buttons capability, from our "Reactive Web: The Next Generation of Web Apps" forum post. 

Default Buttons

"Button widgets in mobile and reactive web apps now have the Is Form Default property, which you can set to Yes and have the App submit the data from the related form when the end-user presses the Enter key."

Thanks again for your idea!


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