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on 01 Apr 2019
Platform Server Release Apr.2019

When I'm developing a new App and create new Modules I get the error "User provider ....  Not Found" (or something similar). The .... is the name of the Module I just created. To correct this error I need to select the correct User provider, for me that is Users. 

Since the default one is always incorrect (as show by the default error message) why not select a better one by default or if this is not possible, force us to choose by leaving the property empty. 

I can presume that the User Provider that should be default would be "Users" for most but that is surely something that OutSystems can find out with all the metrics collected. 

Created on 5 Sep 2019
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This is a know bug in some v11 versions of the platform. When you create a service module or blank module the user provider is set incorrectly.

This bug is fixed as of platform version:

Fixed the creation of Blank and Service modules to have the correct user provider set, instead of having the Template marked as user provider. (RRCT-2296)


So this idea is already implemented as a bug fix, try and see if you can update your platform server.

Ah nice! We are a bit behind and in the process of updating the environment. Thanks for the headsup!

Your welcome, my advice always check the release notes of new development tools, platform server, and LifeTime versions.

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on 01 Apr 2019

Hello Vicent,

As Daniel said, this was already fixed in April 2019 Platform Server release. 

Thank you,

Magda Pereira