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IDEA: Creation of an environment for certified developers (with at least 6 months or 1 year of certification) where he/she could test the advanced skills to pass the professional certification, the management of environment, lifetime, to create plugins or give support to the ones created when had access to such environment, etc

This would solve the lack of practice of many developers who want to give an extra step in the career and don't have opportunity to test in the company where he/she is working and would spend months or years just with theoretical knowledge until have the opportunity to test what have learnt; and for the developers who created a component but no longer have access to the lifetime would be a good chance to update the components. 

Created on 22 Sep 2019
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That’s a great idea, once now a days we don’t have how to create Life Time and Service Center plugins, only with corporation licenses and when we are working in company’s projects we don’t have even the time to enhance our Forge components and plugins. If OutSystems would be able to grant us this and have certain control, we can improve and increase Forge components. That also would be good if Forge could have some way to create paid components as App Store and Google Play Store. 

100% agree !  +1

@rossi I believe there are quite a few paid forge components from coolproofs (though not sure).

I'm completely agree too! It would be very interesting. 

Great idea! 


...or give you a better personal environment if you pass certifications as a reward to be certified.

Pro environment for developers with minimum 2-star certification seems fair.

Did I read better personal environment for certified developers? Wow. 

I would be glad.

Or, better personal environment for every year you're joined the community.

Matthias Preuter

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Great idea,

How about also a permanent personal environment for developers that are also associated with a corporate account, and link that personal environment so espaces can be transferred over to the corporate environment without having to be delicensed. Would give a good sandpit/training environment for developers where they can transfer there work over to the main account. Currently we have a few hundred espaces for POS’s and trials polluting out main development environment that could be moved out and only taken across if they proved useful.

@John Williams That would solve the pollution of the Forge also...

I totally agree! 

Great idea John Williams!

Absolutely needed

Absolutely needed

I agree!

Great idea! 

I totally agree! 


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Great idea, I totally agree.

Please! it would be nice!

I totally agree! X2

Great Idea, We can not do every experiment on company or client  environment.

Great Idea!