Improve Barcode Plugin's barcode recognition on Android

The Barcode Plugin that uses the Cszbar library is causing issues on Android where the scanner returns a scan result from any random object that does not contain a barcode.  These objects can include bricks, clothes, tables, skin etc.  There seem to be many objects that can be scanned regardless of pattern existing on them.

This has many implications for the users of our products who rely on scanning serial numbers on equipment pieces inside buildings.  Many false positives are returned, which are captured and stored as "correct" data for the user without the user realizing the mistake.

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We have planned on our long term roadmap, improvements on this plugin.

Thank you for your feedback.

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on 01 Aug 2021

Hi Dylan,

Thank you for your suggestions. We've provided a major update to the Barcode plugin that solves all the issues mentioned and brings about additional features. Please check it out ;)

Best regards,

Carlos Silva