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We have a lot of applications in our Environment and it could be really helpful if the Applications can be ordered like the Start menu in Windows 10 or something similar. 

Like this One. We can categorize Applications based on Custom Headers.

Then we can also Rename the Headers or description for that certain group of applications.

This can help with Navigating Applications based on how they are set and not just being sorted alphabetically. 

Created on 7 Oct 2019
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hopefully something like this 

I like this idea. 

It would be great to have the ability to further group applications and modules. 

We have multiple library modules which allow our applications to interface with our own software. It would be great to categories these per software product, for example. 

Yeah, this is a great idea!

Very good idea.

An organised developer is a productive developer!

Changed the category to Service Studio

Although is very easy to search application on service studio it will be great if we could organize them better as the idea presented above. 

Also, perhaps having the ability to filter out some applications will be very useful. There are many apps built by different teams within a company and they add clutter to the developers' view that may only care about the apps they are responsible for. 

The two features that could elevete the organization of the apps in the service studio could be the below:

Tags: allow the creation and use of tags so applications can be tagged with various tags.

Filters: allow for customizing the view by applying filters to include or exclude apps and tags.