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Hello everyone,

Sometimes we are publishing a solution via the service center, and for some reason we want this publication to stop, if necessary roll back, and go back to the point it was before publishing, as it does for some reason when it aborts. What I come to suggest is the introduction of a cancel button, which allows you to cancel the current publication of the solution, and does not make us wait, sometimes a long time, until it ends.

Best regards,

Nuno Verdasca

Created on 21 Oct 2019
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Thank you Rita.

must to have!

Good suggestion, I have just gone to  create this as an idea but you beat me to it!!!

Most importantly, we agree that this will be a suggestion that will greatly help this point. :)

I was stuck for the same & came across this idea while searching for the solution.

Thanks, Nuno for raising this.

+1 vote for you

This is something so simple assif_tiger, but it helps us a lot. We hope that OutSystems can make this feature available.

Thank you =)

It seems a essential feature.

+1 vote for you

Thanks Pankaj :)

Indeed, simple but very useful.

I agree with you Swatantra, it's a simple idea, a simple think but is very useful. 

We all can agree here that this is something our environment needs.

Hopefully Outsystems can find a way to integrate this. Great idea, Nuno!

Thank you for your support in my idea Jose.

Hi all!

But I really appreciated that you collaborated in the discussion of the idea, sharing your opinion about the need for it, and that other topics related to the idea could contribute.

Thank you all for your support.