Complexity indicator for technical sessions during Nextstep

During the Outsystems Usergroup at Nextstep 2019 in Amsterdam someone asked why the technical sessions weren't very technical or in depth. The reason for this is that there's a wide range of experience and expertise among the attendees of Outsystems and the technical sessions are open to all of them. This makes sense, but the short 20 minute sessions are hamstrung by having to go over basic stuff sometimes.

Perhaps for the next NextStep you could implement some sort of complexity indicator for the technical sessions. For instance, associate and professional level technical sessions. This would allow the professional sessions to skip over the basics of development and get more technical or in depth on a specific subject.


A very good idea.

Good idea! At the end of the day, we are always wanting to delve into a knowledge or learn something new!;)

Wish to vote more than once for this idea!

Excellent idea Herre! +1 from me!


Having an audience with split interests and technical / business understanding, I think categorizing the talks, as currently done, is a start. Next step would be rating the actual talk content, which could be done based on submissions, with similar scale as there already is in use with online trainings (intro - intermediate - advanced).

I believe I suggested this same thing to several OutSystems event organizers and through event' in-app feedback channels during last year's ODC event.

There's always something to learn from everyone, but sometimes the value just seems a bit low when the time could have been spent more wisely elsewhere.

This doesn't work very well. Consider you think of yourself as an "Expert",  have little mobile. Or.. you have done mobile but never offline. How would you rate that session? The most important thing is that the description of the session give you enough information to make an informed decision.

Of course it should be possible to classify sessions to be advanced or not,  training material (master classes) and exams are classified too as associate, professional or expert.

great idea!

This is a great idea, I missed this on ODC and the previous NextStep's.


This is really a great idea! Although there were some concerns and further suggestions given here, so I will share mine as well.

Instead of plain out stating level of expertise, e.g. Basic, Intermediate, or Advance, I think it would be better to present the sessions into levels, so attendees can assess if they are ready based from the hierarchy of knowledge needed or expected before attending a session. Of course this would mean that first we have to categorize each session as well, although from what I've seen here we have already gone that direction.

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Yes, I definitely missed that. +1!

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Hello Herre Bijl,

This ideas was already implemented as you could see in the OSDC 2021.
Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Best regards!