Be able to choose quality and resolution of picture taked from CameraPlugin


At all time that update this plugin we've to implement it (again), because our solutions allow to configure quality and resolution of picture taked.

Then, can be it implemented at "root" (native) component as well.

  1. Adding input arguments for TakePictureJS client action: Quality, TargetWidth, TargetHeight. All is Integer and optional (Mandatory: No) with your default values (originally... quality is 60, targetWidth is 600 and targetHeidht is 600).
  2. Add in TakePictureJS step the same arguments, but all "Mandatory: Yes", and use the input parameter correlate.
  3. At JS script (of same node) change fixed values to node input arguments.

Image of an our solution after this plugin update:

Our implementation:

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Perhaps I misunderstand, but what is keeping you from forking the camera plugin project on github, implementing what you want and creating your own camera plugin in Outsystems? Perhaps even sharing it in the Forge?

+1 for this idea!

@FransMoquette: is this a serious question...? One could create its own camera plugin, which will be 99% similar to the official OutSystems supported version.

Hi Richard and Frans.

Yes, of course can do it!
But it is the only customize that we made and using a component mainetained by OS is secure that it keep updated.

Will be a "duplicated" component.

Hi guys, just to give you an update on this idea and bring you some good news!
Starting from V7.0.1 of this plugin (now booked as under development on Forge), you can define the Quality, Width, Height, and Encoding Type (JPEG, PNG) of your photos just by selecting/defining the properties of the TakePicture action.
In addition, we've created two new blocks that should appear on the widget's panel after you install the new version of the plugin. These blocks hugely accelerate the implementation of "Take Picture" or "Choose from Gallery" actions. Likewise, you can define the properties of these blocks to choose the image quality parameters that suit you better.

Have a look at the new documentation page of the Camera plugin for more information on these new features.

Please, try out this version by going on the versions tab of Forge and downloading V7.0.1, and let us know what you think. We should be passing this version to stable in a couple of weeks.
A special thanks to Maycon for submitting this idea. It really helped us move along with this much-needed update!

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on 01 Jul 2021

Feature available on the current version of the supported Camera plugin (and on all versions > v7.0.1)