Please update platform server version embed with Lifetime Installer. It not supports Windows Server 2019
Working on it

Starting with platform server Release Apr.2019 CP1, 11.0.424 the installer give us a generic error when trying to update the platform server on a Windows Server 2019 machine, but don't says nothing about not supported Windows Server version.

Later versions support this without any error, but the platform version that Lifetime comes with is still locked on the version that brings the generic error and doesn't support Windows Server 2019 version.

We are waiting since Jul/19 for features we need of last versions of Lifetime.

Specially the last about permissions granularity that were causing us many problems in restricting devs to publish modules that use some system refs.

Please update as soon as possible the platform version embed with Lifetime installer.

People please upvote this to help Outsystems be more aware of it.

I already have opened a ticket with support.

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and the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

Hi Márcio, 

Thank you for sharing your interest in the new LifeTime features and reporting that limitation to us. 

We are planning to have the December release of LifeTime able to be installed on Windows Server 2019. 

We'll be happy to hear from you your feedback about the new LifeTime capabilities. Feel free to reach me directly through PM to arrange a call at that time. 

Thank you and have a nice day!