[Outsystems Studio] - Apple iPad theme template
OutSystems UI
OutSystems 9
Provide developer's with standard Apple iPad theme template.
Joop Stringer
I'm almost finished with it.
And it is IntelliWarp ready as well

Had it already for 5.1 :-)

Gonçalo Borrêga
So... where is it Joop?? :)
Joop Stringer
On my laptop ... :-)
Gonçalo Borrêga

Hi, Check also the just released templates over the SilkUI framework. These themes target an omnichannel experience, with specific Tablet behavior. They work flawlessly on iPads, even though nowadays a iPad-only specific theme would not really make much sense given the need for app branding. Still, multiple design elements (slide button, pop-in menu, etc) are available.