[Licensing & Virtual Machines]
OutSystems 6.0
Make the license-engine look at something other than network-cards, hardware addresses etc. 

When installing a platform-server on a clustered VM, during fail-overs the hardware signature changes and the license becomes invalid.

Mailing support with requests to release the license is probably not the best workaround ;)

(tested both on hyper-v and Xen)
2011-06-15 10-51-22
Joop Stringer
Yes Yes Yes ....

I've told the guys this already so many times.
When I switch with my laptop from wireless to wired or no wire at all, I've to have 3 licenses ...
2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga
@Joop: not from 6.0 on... It now supports that use case (wireless + wired + no wire at all). We've reviewed the algorithm so you can switch connectivity on all network connections.

@Hans: In your case the set of network cards actually change? (New network card or a network card disappears?)
2011-06-15 10-51-22
Joop Stringer

One some virtualisation environments the MAC address of the network-card changes. 

On my current setup I had the provider set this to static. Seems to work for now, so I'm happy as well :)