Database integrity fix

on 27 Apr 2015
OutSystems 9
It would be nice if we could right click on a Database Integrity Suggestion and have a context menu option to delete a column that is no longer used to fix the mismatch.
Created on 8 Jun 2011
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And whats will be the suggestion about the fix when publishing the solution to a production environment?

Delete the colums by the waring in service center during the publish?

Never automatically, but give the option to delete them through a right click context menu on the warning.
The new DbCleaner API was designed for this purpose. Check the documentation to understand the required privileges when using it.
As a lot of you mentioned, this is a very sensitive operation that we must ensure is only performed by the right person and under the right conditions. Therefore we will not make it available from the IDE.

This component at the Forge shows a small example of how to use the API. You can use it to adapt to your own security restrictions and policies.