Have more than 10 environments on "Switch Environment" popup

Service Studio
on 07 Sep 2020
Development Environment Release 78

It would be great for those who do support work to have more than only 10 environments to choose on "Switch Environment" popup.

We have several clients with at least 3 environments each and it's not possible to store all of them on "Switch Environment" popup.

Created on 21 Feb 2020
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Totally Agree! 

For people who support many applications during the day, this possibility would be very interesting. 

Good idea. Usually customers have at least 3 environments.

Let's go even further and implement a Connection Manager where I can store all my connections and sort and group these. Then store these settings somewhere in my Documents (or other) folder so that it can get picked up by my sync tool.

It would be a very helpful addition!

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Thanks a lot for your idea, Ines!


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on 07 Sep 2020

Hello, Inês!

I'm glad to tell you that your idea has been implemented. 

The maximum number of saved environment credentials was increased from 10 to 50 in the latest version of Service Studio.

Thank you and keep the ideas coming! :-)