Online access to all material from OutSystems events

OutSystems holds events throughout the year around the globe and not everyone gets chance to attend those. I would like to see everyone getting access to those discussions, videos and updates on the OutSystems community.

There is already a link "Learn -> Tech Talks" on OutSystems website, but it has stuff from ODC 2018 only. I am sure there have been more events after that as well, for which there is no material available. 

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on 17 Dec 2021

Hi Junaid, 

thank you for the great idea. We are happy to let you know that all of the OutSystems Community events are available on demand. You can find the OSDC and NextStep 2021 sessions here

The same goes for the OutSystems User Groups - the content of each user group is available afterward on the local OSUG dedicated page. You can access it here