[Wisdom of the Crowds] Improve the speed
OutSystems 7.0

Since the number of idea's is growing, there are more data and I think the WotC is very slow.

Must wait some time for the dashboard is loaded, clicking all idea's is really taking long and searching is also not very fast. 

This prefent me more and more to come at WotC and look at other idea's, give comments to them and so on.

You got the platform, so use the benefits of it :) Hope you'll take a look at it, let some thoughs over it.

Some idea's:
- Clicking All idea's, don't show the done (make separete menu item of those)
- Set a maximus results (now 700 idea's are gotten where I never go farther then page 1-2, maybe page 3)
- Maybe only show the Idea (title) and if some like's it, he can click and see more of that idea (can be slide out or go to the page)

The forum is seems to be running at the same speed?
Yes, the forum is slow too. :(