Covidify - the vírus you do not want to catch


basically we would like to create an app to add to your ‘network’ the persons who crossed in the street. You would only see their nicknames and send messages if the persons allow you to.
we would then have a network of persons whom have been near you. If you have covid you can mark your self as infected and all the persons near you in the last 10 days will be notified to be in quarantine, avoiding to contagious another persons.

the set as infected person could be in a system as two factor authentication, sending the approval to a specified email or number. 

this is a first approach, we can discuss further details.

this app will likely be much more of a use when we are at the stabilized phase of the corona virus spread.

Using the location add on from forge.

We have started by using the mobile development and I encountered some issues when setting up my developer account for Apple. 

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Created on 16 Mar 2020
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Let's do it!!!

Great ideia, count with me!

Amazing idea! 

Great idea. 

you may need to store these information becasue only at a later stage you realize that a person you met 2 days ago tasted positive. then list of those people around you then will be a great help.