covid-19 public health assistance
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At this moment one of the WHO strategies considered by several countries is to try to manage the COVID-19 virus spread and develop immune communities.

We can quickly and easily provide our Public Health epidemiology department with a good tracking system of the spread of cases across our island and the spread of immune system development.

The aim is to build a COVID-19 case/immunity/vaccin tracker

 The goal is to make it easy for people to submit data freely to be able to visualize possible alarming area’s that need attention (for Public Health/Epidemiology dept)

Regarding privacy: None of this information can be linked back to you as a person without your consent.

Collect data:

Use of an Ip address or Phone id or similar unique ID not to count double measurements, otherwise you easily get unrealistic peaks if I measure and submit every 5 minutes.

Measurements for Myself, Mypartner, Kid1, Kid 2 etc.. (so we do not count double cases)

Age category

Date/time of measurement

Limited to ‘neighborhoods’ so it is not traceable

 COVID-19 status>

  1. Not Infected/Unknown
  2. Active COVID-19 patient (confirmed by Health Officials)
  3. InActive COVID-19 patient (previously confirmed by Health Officials)
  4. Vaccinated for COVID-19 (for the future of course)



  1. Are you coughing?
  2. …?
  3. …?

Do you need urgent help?

  1. We’re doing fine, no urgent help needed
  2. I think I might have COVID-19
  3. I think my neighbour/family member might have COVID-19
  4. I am freaking out ………..
  5. I am not mobile and need help with groceries???
  6. Etc……

This option would bring user to an option to submit his/her phone so Public Health call center can call back or video call (whatsapp)

OPTION to remind the phone owner that last submitted data was 1 week ago, please let us know your latest status

OPTION for mobile user to see geographical spread (their data)

Call Center (Care Coordinators) of Public Health

We’ll need to have people from Public Health to have a coordinator behind the app to be able to react and coordinate follow-up

Of course that persons record needs status (new, picked up, closed, dead, ….??)

Provide visuals of spread day by day, or work over week to see progress for Public Health

Saludos and good health to all,


This might be useful since Johns Hopkins collects data from multiple sites worldwide

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

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Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q2 2020

This project has been selected by the COVID-19 Community Response Program!