Corona Volunteer App - An app to empower and help all of us fight the Corona Virus
Working on it


Develop a Corona Volunteer App to engage the citizen, researchers and authorities in anonymous information collection with the common goal to increase knowledge of the Corona virus and provide estimated real time overview of the spread of the Corona virus*

Enables new learning about the Corona Virus

  • Engage all citizens of the country 18 years and older via an Android / iOS app in information gathering by allowing individuals to contribute input about themselves and their family's possible corona situation (symptoms) - Anonymously.
  • Only birth year, postal code, and gender will be registered as personal information.
  • Give researchers access to statistics and raw data from the voluntary work
  • Give the authorities access to statistics from the voluntary work
  • Provide registered citizen with statistics on the spread of corona down to the postcode detail level

Gather daily health status from each citizen (including corona test result) with easy status and symptom selections.

  • This may reveal possible hidden Corona infections
  • Provide knowledge of symptoms throughout the illness period
  • Give the average length of the disease
  • Provide information about incubation period
  • Reveals unknow corona infection cases
  • Make the authorities know the health status of people at home –Easier to know the effect of the current measures and to plan for future measures.

The goal is to make this app available internationally  and to empower us all to participate in constructive work to fight the Corona Virus! 

Join the fight!

*Cooperation with medical expert advisors has already been secured.

Good idea! +1

I wonder, if it is not out there yet.

Hi Swatantra.  Can you please provide a link to the existing solution you are refering to?  I know there are several solutions out there that kind of look like this, but they all fall short on several important aspects.  I would like to make an assessment.  

That's what I mean :) I don't know any such app.

This is so basic and important then why this or similar app is not yet available. My vote is for this one.

Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q2 2020

Great idea...