Stemcell developed Covid-19 employee checkin app and we are happy to share with other companies
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We developed a covid-19 checkin app where employees check in every morning to tell us their stataus (healthy and working in the office, healthy and working from home, healthy and working in the lab, sick and not working, ...) also we keep inventory of what they have been taking home such as monitors, jabber speakers... We are happy to share with any other company if they want to use it. We have 1700 employees checking in daily at the moment on their phones and laptops. Below are some screenshots. Regular users have first tab available where they submit statuses. Mangers have 'My Team' tab available where they can adjust their employee statuses and view their whole direct report chain status. Admins and safety personal can view all Statuses and export to csv for reporting purposes. 



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Thanks to inspiration from STEMCELL Technologies, we've implemented the My Wellbeing app in Forge for anyone to implement in their organization.