COVID-19: Help Portal
Working on it

Idea: A portal in which people who are looking for help get linked to people who offer help. In the portal people can actively contact each other and they receive notifications when a possible match is found.

What we can offer: We have a team lined up to build the portal. Two junior developers will build the portal as part of their onboarding programme. They get assisted by an experienced OutSystems developer.

What we need to succeed: We need to get in contact with potential end-users to help us setting the requirements. We already started initializing this. 

Initiators are in contact with the website A website that is being used a lot in the Netherlands already for people to ask for help and offer help in this corona crisis.

The current owners are experiencing technical issues and the initiators want to rebuild this website in OutSystems. They have the contacts and therefore the business requirements.

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q1 2020

This project has been selected by the COVID-19 Community Response Program!

Hey there, I am happy to help with the development if there is the need.


Tiago Vasco

Hi Tiago, thank you very much for offering your help to develop the help portal! This weekend we are working on it with 4-6 people, so coordination is already quite a challenge. If it changes I will contact you!

Kind regards,


Congratulations on the idea. And for being accepted. I like to see our community committed to looking for solutions to help fight this pandemic. It is at this point that people should reflect on why they sometimes seek war, when in fact we succeed in uniting the entire world.

Congratulations for the idea to be selected.


power that website with some chatbots