Portal for matching projects and resources regarding security personnel during lock-down

When a country goes into lock-down, a lot of areas need to be secured by security personnel. The security branch is currently not organized enough to handle this centrally. 

We would like to build a portal where security personnel (and companies) can subscribe to projects (areas that need security) in order to keep a whole country safe during lock-down.

Congratulations on the idea. And for being accepted. I like to see our community committed to looking for solutions to help fight this pandemic. It is at this point that people should reflect on why they sometimes seek war, when in fact we succeed in uniting the entire world.

Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q2 2020

This project has been selected by the COVID-19 Community Response Program!

Maybe we can collaborate and add my idea of regulated access. As when closing down you need security to keep people anyway. But maybe we can give an option of regulated access, so security people can check and regulate numbers using an app instead of total closed-down. 

Congratulations for the idea being accepted. A good one Remco.

Changed the status to
on 29 Apr 2020

It's live - check it out here! Congrats to the team :)

Congratulations again for the implemenation. 

UI is very neat and intuitive. 

In further iteration, maybe make the Marketplace more SEO friendly with clean URL slug.  In current state it appears as DemandOverview?CategoryId=1&CountryId=1

Kudos to the team for eye-catchy design and rapid development.