Aldeias com Rede  (“Small villages network”)

To prevent the population included in the group most vulnerable to contagion by the new coronavirus leaving home, namely the elderly and people with chronic diseases, the Municipality of Proença-a-Nova and the Parish Councils and Unions created a solidarity network for situations of emergency, namely for the purchase of medicines or essential goods, among others. 

In each village, an interlocutor between the population and the Parish Councils is being defined to communicate needs, and the Municipality is responsible for the subsequent delivery of orders. 

To facilitate all the communication between the interlocutors and the Municipality, volunteers developed a web and a mobile app during the weekend using OutSystems and made available to Municipality employees to use, tracking the daily requests with the necessary details.

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q2 2020

This project has been selected by the COVID-19 Community Response Program!

I'm bit confused, the description says "developed a web and a mobile app during the weekend using OutSystems". So has this idea already been developed?

Yes, it has. Another case of volunteer power that makes things move fast when necessary. This can be deployed for other regions after some customization by the team - mainly language translation. Please contact us at if you can reach out to your community.

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on 26 Mar 2020

This idea went live last week!

Congratulations !

is it available in any location that can be viewed or any screenshots

Hi Ashis, 

You can find the screenshots at the OutSystems project implemented page (

Good Work Diogo Olival!

Nice One Dear Diogo!