Portugal entra em Cena

The movement Portugal #EntraEmCena takes the form of a digital marketplace, where artists can launch ideas and obtain investment for the design and development phase; where private and public companies can find talent and ideas proposed by artists; and where they can launch challenges to the development of new artistic projects, choosing those that they intend to sponsor.

Knowing that this moment is particularly hard for all those who have seen their sources of income canceled or postponed, the starting point of this movement is that, from the collaboration generated from a digital platform, more investment will arise in the artists and technicians of the sector, in projects that can happen now, from home, later, when we can be together again, or even later , in 2021.

So that culture is also not a victim of the coronavirus, this transformative movement enters the scene, which aims to guarantee the country's cultural identity and sustainability - now and always.

In collaboration with the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.

Changed the status to
on 30 Mar 2020

Portugal #EntraEmCena is now live - you can find it here.