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Sameer Bendre
Enable health providers in Indian clinics to screen potential COVID-19 patients while they deliver time-sensitive services.

Background: Family Planning Association (FPA) India is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that runs 40 clinics across India providing reproductive services including pre and post-natal care. With the onset of the pandemic, most of these clinics are now at the frontlines providing essential care along with reproductive health services. 

Idea: Create an app that will allow service providers in these clinics to conduct screening and counseling of walk-in clients as well as offer these services remotely to the high-risk population such as pregnant women registered with FPA India and their families, including elderly population above the age of 60, those with pre-existing conditions and those with symptoms or a history of exposure to an infected individual. 

The app could be implemented by partners in India and they will have access to the (Subject Matter Expert) SME from FPA India.

Impact: These 40 clinics along with more than 100 outreach units will reach out to a population of 400,000 from the poor and vulnerable communities in as many urban, peri-urban and rural locations across 18 states in India. They are supported by a team of 800 trained medical and paramedical personnel and community-based volunteers. (Even with the reduced staff due to the countrywide lockdown, these clinics served nearly 29000 patients in the last two weeks.)

Whats App Chatbots are already implemented, any individual could use that for authentic  guidance and information. But that's up to the individual if he/she would opt for it, considering the fact many people are even hesitant to go for it.  Are you looking for something like taking a proactive measure to  reach out to specific people e.g. FPA registered and bring them for screening? 

Hello Ashis! thank you for the query. I work for FPAI and am happy to clarify. We have a large database of clients in the vulnerable group registered for supply of contraceptives, pre and post natal care, pre and post abortion care, counselling for gender based violence and relationship issues, mental health, HIV and Reproductive tract cancers etc. In far flung locations, many a time FPAI clinics and field teams are the only service providers whom the communities know and trust. Thus, although an NGO, we also serve as extension arms of government health teams for last mile service delivery in some difficult to reach geographies or to socially excluded groups. We expect to use the proposed app to pro-actively reach out to these beneficiaries and their families and peer groups to contain community level outbreak.

It's a good way to be connected with many people and it can creat awareness and speed information related to Srevices which FPAI is providing and those who want to avail services at this point of time they can reach at our clinics in Khunti, Gomia and East Singhbhum to get SRH service. In Jharkhand 

It's very good idea, we can reach more number of high risk people during this pandemic period .

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expected delivery in Q2 2020

This project has been selected by the COVID-19 Community Response Program!

Congratulations on your project!

2018-05-03 15-18-01
Sameer Bendre

Thank you, Eduardo. We are excited about this effort and thankful for the support from our partners, community and the FPA India team. Stay tuned!

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on 05 May 2020

It's live! Congrats to the team :)

2018-05-03 15-18-01
Sameer Bendre

Yes!! We just got off the call with the FPAI team and they are delighted. Lots of work ahead for them as well as for us. We will keep releasing additional features and functionalities at short intervals.

Great team effort!!  

Its really great to work for a social cause and really happy to be a part of this initiative. Thanks to Outsystems , specially to Sameeer Bendre for bringing the idea and on the board and giving us the opportunity to be a part of the implementation team.

Indeed   "Great Team Effort !!"



2018-05-03 15-18-01
Sameer Bendre

Idea credit goes, to Meghana Deshpande-Bendre! 

Thanks to all the team members and experts who made this happen. It was a great experience.

A milestone week, as we cross 4000 clients screened as of today. The rate at which this is being used, we will cross 5K this week. Incredible.