Show last last published date in Service Center for each version
Service Center
OutSystems 7.0
In version 3, Service Center would show the last published date of every version. Since version 4, this information is no longer available, and you can only see the uploaded date.

Imagine the following cenario:
You have 5 (v1- v5) versions of the same eSpace and the running version is v4
You publish a new one (v6)
You test the application and something is not how it wassuppose to be
You decide to rollback and publish the previous version, but you end up publishing v5 instead of v4.

My idea on this is that when you choose to run a older version, the current version isn't good (else that one would be running?). So why keep a version thats not good on service center? So if you decide to set a older version as the running one, delete the version that isn't good.
2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga
LifeTime gives precisely that information for an application
I didn't have the chance to try LifeTime just yet, but it's a shame we had to wait about 5 years and 4 major versions to have some features back again.

I agree with Evert: it would be nice to flag some version as "bad" and "bad" versions of espaces or extensions could not be published again, not even when publishing solutions.