2018-11-08 13-17-54
Kilian Croese
Ability to choose other elements from OutSystems AI popup
Development Environment 11.51.4 (Build 57198)

So I've been using the suggestions from OutSystems AI for a while now. Every time it was not able to come up with a correct suggestion I kind of felt that it 'broke' my development flow to go to the 'toolbox' on the right and choose the element that i wanted to use. I kind of felt like contact switching.

I think I would help to always have another option in the list, something like other that would maybe open up a simplified version of the toolbox, maybe only the icons, so I can choose what the action should have been instead of moving to the real toolbox. I'm not an expert in this, but that might also provide useful information to train the AI, because you are able to capture data about what the users intent was.

I hope this idea is clear, otherwise I would have to come up with a few mockup images. 

I personally believe it would enable me to keep focusing on the part in the flow where i'm working now.

2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann
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Fully agree, in addition the widgets should also show up when using the searchbar in the IA popup.

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on 17 Jan 2022

Hello Kilian,

We would like to let you know that we added a Search in the Logic Assistant and now you can search for the toolbox widgets.

We do think this solution solves the problem behind your idea! We hope you enjoy this improvement and reach out to us if you have further feedback!


Magda Pereira