If @ and to show suggestions autocomplete in FORUM outsystems


When response a user, use @ to facilitate communication

The ideal would be for the ecosystems Outsytems.

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This idea is already being worked on by outsystems 

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While posting a development question on community, this idea just pop-out in my mind. If I was able to tag users, like social networking sites, I could attract some specific user's/developer's attention by sending him notification.

What do you think guys?

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This is currently being analyzed by the team and we'll work to have good news to you all!

2020-10-14 13-43-09
Tania Rodrigues
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on 12 Nov 2020

Hi Michel,

We're happy to announce that this idea was implemented in the new Forum experience.

From now on, when replying to a post you can tag someone using @:

There will be a drop-down list from where you can select the user you would like to bring to the discussion:

Hope you like it!



Hi Tania, 

Congrats team Outsystems for this implementation.