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OutSystems 9
Many companies have a seperated SAP/Non-SAP infrastructure and organisational structure. SAP also have their own GUI and their own SSO (SAP Logon Tickets) strategy.

It would be great to have a SAP Logon ticket creation widget that gives me a user/password string to connect to SAP bapi's/webservices as a trusted system.

For some sample coding see attached document.

Erwin Schmidt
2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga
With Platform 9, and its SAP Connection api you can easily assign logon tickets to the SAP connection.

The SAP Utilities component in the Forge, holds the example of how one can set the logon ticket for all BAPI requests - similar to your attached document, but for OutSystems SAP BAPIs.

Given that to obtain an SAP logon ticket, there's a lot of variations on how you configure the SAP logon ticket issuer, a custom login flow (similar to OAuth in some of the REST connectors to Asana, Google, etc. we provide in the Forge) must be implemented in your app.
This will redirect and authenticate the user against the SAP ticket issuer system, and then instruct SAP to direct him back to the OutSystems page where he can obtain the ticket from the cookie.

Erwin, given your experience with SAP integration it would be a great idea to publish an article / how-to of the steps required (on SAP and OutSystems). Invitation done.

Hi Goncalo,

wow a reply even after 4 years lol

Unfortunately the how-to will differ based on installation (With or without SAP Router) and a seperat Java netweaver stack and/or a CUA (SAP's Central User Admin). 
But at least I can see if we can publish something on the standard config required in SAP ECC stand alone set-up.