Block comments on informational posts

Hi guys,

I think it would be a good feature to implement, it would be in the posts that are in the community forum that are informative, that comments were blocked. Giving users the option of being able to directly contact who made the post for the purpose of clearing up any doubts or adding something, then ponder who publishes the post to edit the post, adding some information.

Or else create a new category in the forum, one side would be for Questions and Answers, and the other would be to expose solutions, or OutSystems make announcements.

Think about this idea!

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Community Forums
2020-05-28 10-14-19
Susana Ferreira
Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2020

Hi Miguel.

We just started working on your idea, so I set the status to “Working on it”. We expect it to be ready during Q4. I’ll post an update once it’s done!

Thanks again for your great idea!


Thank you guys for considering my idea.


2020-10-14 13-43-09
Tania Rodrigues
Changed the status to
on 26 Oct 2020

Hi Miguel,

We're happy to announce that this idea was implemented in the new Forum experience.

From now on, while creating a new post, the user can determine the type of post: question vs discussion:

Once created, the posts will show this differentiation with a label:

Moreover, the tag "Announcement" will show only posts related to discussions:

Hope you like it!