Kilian Hekhuis
Widget tree: don't cut off names when there's enough room
Service Studio
Development Environment Release 76

In Service Studio, the Widget Tree often cuts off "long" names even if there's plenty of space to show them:

That's not necessary and makes it difficult to determine what's what. So this idea is simple: don't cut off the names if it's not necessary to do so (and when resizing the pane, show what was hidden).


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Thanks for the idea! 

Yes please!

 Would save the efforts to hover :) 

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on 12 Aug 2020

Hi Kilian (and others),

I'm happy to announce that we've just implemented this idea and, from now on, we will always show the name of the widgets in the widget tree if possible. You can find a before and after screenshot:

As always thanks for your idea and you can find your contribution in our product release notes: 

Hope you like it! Cheers,