Integrate OutDocumenter in ServiceCenter
Service Center
OutSystems 5.1
It whould be nice to have an overview of all available actions and webservices in Service Center, something like a 4GL dictionary.

This would give an overview of
  • Built-in actions
  • all public actions in Sollutions
  • all webservices
  • references of all eSpaces / Extensions and its function (UI / Business layer / Integration Layer)
This is also the place to functionaly describe these actions/services
It would make the life of the outsystems developers easier, I guess, for there wouldn't really be a need for continuous backwards compatibility of the Outdocumenter.

It also stimulates reusability of actions/services, and this would be a repository for all the functional and technical description of all eSpaces, actions, and webservices.
This would be so cool

After a certain time and with many developers contributions to the same eSpace things get a bit confusing.

Sometimes actions are duplicated, some are used on the wrong place, some are just forgoten.

A Out Documenter integrated tool would help in introducing new developers into a eSpace, quickly assess the need of refactoring, etc

Outdocumenter is a great tool and should be fully available for everyone.

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Thanks all for your the feedback around OutDocumenter. This confirms our thoughts on how the Agile Platform could and should help extracting valuable application documentation that can help your project teams, new members or your customers, better understanding what's in place.

We are doing our best to get this ready for 5.1 for you, so stay tuned!
2016-04-21 20-09-55
Great :D
Its about time!
Create in Service Center a page to easily see, as a check-list or report, the information of one (or more) eSpace:

- Name (oml name, last version published...)
- Site properties (names and values)
- Components/eSpaces linked
- Database tables (project and physical name)
- Flag if the eSpace has or not AdvancedQueries (with EXEC) and with yes, show the EXEC statement ... (so we can see that there's a stored procedure that we need to consider when publishing the solution in a different server or just for SQL documentation)
- Timers (name of the timers and schedule)
- Flag if the eSpace has multilingual.

Here we will move the applications to a different server and I had to do this kind of report. For that I went one by one, in each tab, then looked in database what is the real name (OSUSR_*) and when the name is too long, it creates a sequence number... I have here some like this: OSUSR_GZ2_INVOICE_6, OSUSR_GZ2_INVOICE_7, OSUSR_GZ2_INVOICE_8 ...

And now the document I made few months ago is already different from reality because we have published new versions... and of course I didn't update the document. :(
So would be nice to have in Service Center a screen to view these info. So we can be sure that they are up to date and everybody with access to Service Center can check.

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  Integrate OutDocumenter in ServiceCenter

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Thanks Matthias, indeed this is perfect to include in the eSpace documentation. We are working on that for 5.1.

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5.1 was released and "OutDoc" has come to the rescue! Read more about this and other 5.1 features in this forum thread.

And, of course, thanks for you feedback!
Am I wrong, or this OutDoc solution doesn't show us the objects that are never used, for example?

I know that Outsystems's Outdocumenter can tell us that an action is never used, or the preparation actions has more than 30 nodes, etc.

So, to me, this OutDoc is very nice and usefull, but the Outdocumenter that Outsystems own is not fully integrated.