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on 30 Jun 2014

I have been using MySQL and am familiar with it. I find MSSqlServer <table> to be overly complicated AND the terminology used in the checklists does not match SQLServer. I could not find help to understand what you were saying. EX: In the platfor checklist it mentions server and CATALOG. I am using SS3.8R2 and did not find a reference to that term let alone how to set it up. Instructions need to be clearer.

Created on 18 Sep 2011
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I am not sure what you mean?

What has mysql got to do with the instructions?
Why is MSSqlserver overly complicated and again, what has it got to do with the instructions?

When I search on CATALOG and Sqlserver I get immediate results on google, so again, I am confused.

That said, what are exactly the issues with the instructions you encounter?
Are you stuck with installing?

Also, the Platform supports Oracle as well, so perhaps some terminology needs to be cross-platform.

Hi Dave,

From the past years, we have been working to maintain these terminologies consistent not only with the vendors but also, since we support multiple providers, cross-platform as much as possible. Currently, we believe that the terminology is clear and is not an issue any more.

If you don't agree with it, just drop us a line here and I will be glad to follow up with you.

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on 30 Jun 2014

I will go ahead and mark it as implemented. If you have some more ideas regarding this topic, please share with us.