Displaying producer's name of the imported action
Service Studio
OutSystems 5.0
In an action flow, when viewing the "Execute Action Properties" of an imported action it would be nice to have the name of the producer in the "Action" property, something like "MyExtension\MyAction" (instead of just having "MyAction"). This way we could easily identify the producer that exposes that action, instead of having to check one by one which reference is the producer for that action.

Also, please sort Referenced actions alphabetically in Service Studio!
2016-08-25 18-41-23
Lúcio Ferrão

This was a very common request by many of you, therefore it has been implemented in 5.0! 

Indeed this was missing specially when your applications ecosystem start growing. Don't know if you noted but we also added the References node in the right tree, so that you can check every time what's available for you to reuse. 

Already Done.