Architecture Dashboard - Allow for multiple Findings (bulk) change

Some Indicators still need enhancement as they still generate a lot of False Positives. So, it's an annoying task having to go over all of them and marking as False Positive or even Already Fixed or Won't Fix.

So, if I could just mark the items I want to change and select the new Finding type at once, it would be very helpful. Most of the times the reason is the same anyway for several items.

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Provide the option to treat multiple issues at the same time in Architecture Dashboard.

When there is a large volume of issues and we are manually assigning the resolve option, there should be a option to select multiple issues and define a common Resolve option for all and the same reason. 

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Working on it
expected delivery in 22-Quarter4

Hi João,

Thanks for your comment. We are actively working on it and expect to deliver it soon.

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on 16 Jan 2023

Hi João,

I'm glad to announce that we have just released this new capability in AI Mentor Studio.

Thanks for contributing.