Architecture Dashboard - Turn the "Missing description on public element" into an optional Indicator

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Some teams have been keeping technical documentation on a separate document format instead of generating using OutDoc to leverage, which makes this Indicator, especially in cases where the Application is not meant to be a component or widget, unnecessary.

So, maybe if there was a Settings feature where we could set this Indicator as optional / mandatory for a given Application, it would be helpful.

Created on 2 Jul 2020
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+1 to the idea.

Some inputs and actions are also self-explanatory and not necessarily a mistake. The amount of warnings generated by this indicator and the fact that they need to be snoozed (so that we can focus in warnings that are more relevant) is a huge effort for the teams.

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On our radar

Hello all, 

We are looking into this topic. 

The solution might not be to make it optional, but somehow reduce the false positives.