Business Model: FREE to develop, PAID to run Agile Platform in production.

Paulo Rosado, CEO.

Please consider revising Outsystems business model.

  • Free to develop agile platform application
  • Paid to run agile platform application in production 

Simular to how microsoft business model works...

Microsoft gives away .NET (C#, VB.NET) free to its developers, in order to build a developers community.

Developers build awesome applications, that run on Microsoft windows, and (in most cases) uses Microsoft SQL Server....

Microsoft generates revenue.

Outsystems will follow? New revised model: Free to develop, build a larger developers community, developers bring in paying customers to outsystems. Developers win, business win, outsystems win.
2016-04-21 20-09-55
I don't get it.

service-studio = free
community-edition = free

you only have to pay for the product-environment?

Yes Robert, What do you mean?

Are you talking about the SU's limit?

Best Regards
Yes no restriction on software units in development mode. Developer can development software of any size, small or large.

License is then purchase by the business once the product is released in production mode.

2018-04-06 14-15-37
Pedro Martinho
Changed the status to
on 28 May 2014


We implemented the personal edition in 2014 for this exact use case.

Thanks for your input!


I think OutSystems should provide the following types of licenses for individuals developers or for startups.

  • Per Application Licences - End-users only need to pay per application deployment. Unlimited users.
  • Per Server Licences - Mid-Size company can or Individual Person (Owner) can pay Per - server Cost. Like Softmotive - WinAutomation. Unlimited Application on a single server.