Forge Rate with 1 or 2 stars make the review mandatory to improvements

When the component is rated with one or two stars, make the review mandatory. This way, the author will know what improvements the components needs.

It's very difficult to expect or demand that someone giving away free code meet any kind of quality standards, don't you think? If you gave someone something for free, or helped them for free, and they complained about how you did it, how would you react?


Hi Justin,

I created the idea precisely because I miss it, someone rated a component that I developed with 1 star and I was curious to know what led to it. If I could improve something;).

Leandro -

I 100% misunderstood this Idea, I thought that it was asking that it be mandatory for the component author to have to take action on a negative review! My mistake!

And yes, I agree with you completely!


If someone is interested enough to review the app, they should at least substantiate their rating.

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on 25 May 2023

Hello Leandro Correa,

We've actually implemented this feature around the end of May 2023.

Thank you very much for your idea, and keep it coming.

Hello João,

I'm glad to help, thank you so much!