Bring back the old "CTRL+R"
Service Studio
Development Environment Release 90

Use "CTRL+R" keyboard combination in Service Studio when in a JS/CSS modal, used to to be a huge life saver. I uses this combination all the time and it saved me a lot of time in the end of the day.

In the past updates, you start "breaking" this incredible way to find stuff inside a JS/CSS modal. First by removing the auto-select of the first finding in the list of results. Then you add a "combo box" for "find" instead of an input and finally you remove the auto focus in the "find" combo box.

Please go back to the good and old way!


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Service Studio
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on 01 Nov 2020

Hi, Pedro! 

Thanks for your idea, and for reporting this change of behaviour. You have the Find and Replace dialog focusing on the "find" input again, since version 11.9.1. Check the release notes of that version here.

Keep the ideas coming!