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In our organization we use Windows OS machines. Unfortunately that means we can’t use Sketch. We use Adobe XD instead. A XD design kit would be a huge advantage for us! Please help out us non-apple folks too!

Thank you!

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OutSystems UI

Always handy!!

Yes please. This would make things a lot easier for our users. The design better matches the end-result so that will work a lot better when dealing with expectations. 

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Working on it
expected delivery in 22-Quarter2

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for your idea.
We are currently working on this! Expect news soon :)

Jéssica Mendes

Jéssica, thats so good news!  Any update on when we can excpect the delivery? 

Hi Jéssica, any update on the delivery of this?

2019-12-26 12-09-43
Inês Ribeiro Silva

Hi Simon.

I believe that this post here brings you some good news! 



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on 07 Jun 2022

Hello Simon!

We're happy to inform you that your idea was implemented! You can find the new Adobe XD design kit on OutSystems UI Website.

Keep sharing your ideas :)

Jéssica M.