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Platform Server 11.18.0 (Build 37468)

It would be helpful that their descriptions are in the list page of site properties like below.

I agree, That could be very usefull. At least to long projects.

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Service Center

We also would like this. At the moment we require to have a onenote documentation of our siteproperties to have everything available without having to click to detailpages. This requires double adminstration (the onenote + the descriptions in service studio). If the descriptions would just be on the list-page in servicecenter we would not need the onenote anymore.

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Working on it
expected delivery in 22-Quarter4

Hello Takasi,

Thank you for raising this idea.

Just to let you know that the product team is currently working on making your idea a reality in the product. We expect to have this delivered with a future Platform Server release, hopefully by the end of 2022.

All the best

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on 28 Nov 2022

Hello Takasi Moriya,

Letting you know (with some delay) that your suggestion has been implemented in PS 11.18.0 as part of R11CT-308. You can find the release notes here.

Thank you for making the suggestion and for everyone who upvoted it.

Hope you continue making suggestions in the future.

All the best

Thanks for sharing!