Agile Reporting Services™ 6

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Created on 03 August 2009
Full featured conventional reporting tool seamlessly integrated with the Agile Platform
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Full featured conventional reporting tool seamlessly integrated with the Agile Platform
Agile Reporting Services™ is seamlessly integrated with your Agile Platform through three main components: Report Studio – a Windows Forms application where charts and reports are designed; Report Center - an OutSystems web application where charts and reports are stored and managed; and Reporting Widgets – a set of web blocks to embed charts and reports in your existing OutSystems applications.

Feature List
Interactive Widgets

Reporting Widgets allow you to embed powerful reports in existing OutSystems web or mobile applications, just by dragging these elements as web blocks. Widgets like Report Viewer, Chart Viewer and MyReports™ are available out-of-the-box. All reports can be downloaded as PDF, Excel and Image files.

Asynchronous Reporting

Huge datasets can be tackled with scheduled reports, therefore: heavy processing of large amount of data can be scheduled at regular intervals so that business users don’t have to wait for their reports.

Business Domains

Reports and charts can be classified by business domains in Report Center and easily integrated with access control information through User Role association.

Security and Access Control

The Platform’s security is fully inherited assuring that you have only access to the data you are allowed to. From an end user perspective reports visibility depends on your configured user and role permissions.

Centralized Management

Report Center allows you to manage and monitor all your reports from a single centralized web console, whose user credentials are integrated with Service Center.

1-Click Deploy™

New reports or new versions are automatically validated and deployed with zero downtime of your applications. This is done with a single click in Report Studio or Report Center. Once deployed, a new version is automatically created, allowing for tracking and quick rollback of changes. Multiple reports can be deployed in different environments in a single step, through Report Center built-in packaging.

Performance Monitoring

Running reports can be monitored in real-time to detect and fine tune performance issues. Also, at design time, users are presented with performance improvement suggestions and hints.

Change Management

Changes on your applications Entities are automatically detected and reflected on related reports. Whenever a breaking change occurs, a detailed impact analysis is presented to assist you on the report update.

Zero-Impact Adoption™

Agile Reporting Services is a usercentric tool that requires little training. You can start spreading reports and charts within your OutSystems applications without advanced skills on SQL programming and on OutSystems technology as well. Therefore, non technical users can now create powerful reports in a 100% visual environment, without having to learn SQL and even OutSystems itself.

Main Benefits
Fully Integrated

Agile Reporting Services is fully integrated with the OutSystems Agile Platform.

Adapted to Change

Response to change is accelerated by self-healing reports and impact analysis, making report maintenance virtually costless.

Reduced time and cost

In average reports are designed in up to 50% of the time usually required by other tools.

High Productivity

To help you deliver stunning charts and reports in the shortest possible time, Reusable Style Sheets, Point and Click Wizards, Visual Query Designer, Drag-and-Drop fields, Field Explorer, In Place Editor among others, are made available.

There is a huge set of report elements to choose from, including tables, images, rich text, formula fields, barcodes and dozens of chart types.

System Requirements and Limitations
Agile Platform 5.0 or higher - .NET + SQLServer
What’s new (
Added Features
Improvements on the publish process feedback Software Unit reduction to under 30K (aprox. 29K)

Report Wizard minor fixes Sub-Reports minor fixes
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