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Hubway Connect is a data hub for OutSystems applications. Hubway allows non-developer users to create, configure and manage data connections (APIs) to expose data from OutSystems Apps. Hubway eliminates the need for manual development and maintenance of APIs. 30-DAY FREE TRIAL - VISIT WEBSITE TO SIGN UP #Data Connector, #Extract Data, #API Build
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Key benefits
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DELIVER WITH AGILITY: Using Hubway, you Speed up the delivery of valuable data to the business and reduce the IT development backlog.

REDUCE DEV COSTS: Using Hubway, you’ll have no more development costs. The process is so simple that a non-technical user can implement APIs in minutes.

IMPROVE DATA GOVERNANCE: Eliminate the complexity of managing access and the risk of accidentally giving non-authorised users access to sensitive data.

LEVERAGE ANALYTICS TOOLS: Make better and faster business decisions using corporate analytics tools to access real-time data insights.

INCREASE OUTSYSTEMS VALUE: Maximise the value of your Apps by leveraging the full power of the OutSystems platform and its out-of-the-box Database capabilities

Problems Addressed / Key Features
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Unlock your OutSystems data

  • Get a centralised and standardised view of all your APIs portfolio in one dashboard - view author, status and last updated version

  • Quickly explore, discover and visualise your data projects within your portfolio

  • Create, change and test your projects in a non-production environment and only deploy the final version when ready

  • Complete control over your API versions; work on new versions in parallel without disrupting previous versions and discontinue old versions when you need

  • API staging for safe deployment across environments


  • Pick tables from multiples apps in a single, smart search

  • Visualise your entities and relationships in graphic interfaces

  • Hide or show attributes in the entities with flexible configuration

  • Leverage database information automatically retrieved from the OutSystems metadata; no additional settings are needed


  • Flexible access control by user groups with read-only and write permissions in the same project

  • Select the level of audit control for each project

  • Multiple end-user authentication mechanisms with industry-standard identity providers, like Google and MS Azure

  • Auditing reports to track changes in projects, versions and authors


  • Standardise how you expose real-time data through highly performant Restful APIs

  • Leverage the flexibility of the OData protocol for fully-featured data retrieval strategies

  • Protect your data through robust authentication and authorisation controls

Technical details
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Hubway Connect is a data hub for OutSystems applications.

Using industry-standard technologies, Restful and OData, Hubway is supported by the most popular analytics tools, built to work with OutSystems' data layer and metadata.

Robust security features allow customers to design APIs according to their established policies and security guidelines

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